Long-term research roadmap

To join HPC system research groups around a long-term HPC research agenda, EuroLab-4-HPC has initiated a roadmap process to identify the major research challenges in HPC systems for the next ten years.

Cross-site mobility research grants

EuroLab-4-HPC launches calls for cross-site visits aimed at joining research on common platforms to stimulate research spanning multiple layers of the compute stack.

HPC curriculum

EuroLab-4-HPC will develop an HPC systems curriculum and training practices based on MOOC technologies to train future technology leaders, starting with a first pilot on business prototyping.

Acceleration of commercial uptake

EuroLab-4-HPC supports mentoring of research teams to identify research ideas with high commercial potential. Through business prototyping researchers are guided in how to systematically verify their assumptions.

Community building

To join excellence in research with commercial stakeholders, EuroLab-4-HPC will continuously build an innovation network with stakeholders from suppliers and from venture capital interested in investing/using advanced HPC technologies.

Towards a sustainable Excellence Centre

The EuroLab-4-HPC project has the bold goal to build the foundation for an Excellence Centre in HPC systems. This centre is a non-profit organization that will spread excellence for Europe to be a sustainable leader in HPC technology.