Date: Jan. 28, 2019

Towards the Eurolab-4-HPC 2 Vision

During the HiPEAC Conference in Valencia, the Eurolab4HPC roadmap was presented by Theo Ungerer from University of Augsburg.

Responsive imageThe Eurolab4HPC Vision will be continued within the successor project Eurolab4HPC 2 (2018-2020) with a planned new Vision release in January 2020.

Coordinators of the Eurolab4HPC2 vision document, Theo Ungerer and Paul Carpenter (BSC), are working on a new vision document. They are collecting feedback on the current Eurolab4hpc Vision Combined with a close collaboration and with regards to the HiPEAC vision, ETP4HPC Post-exascale Vision, European Processor initiative, German GI/ITG initiative on disruptive technologies in Computer systems and PRACE scientific cases. Also the Vision Expert Group will be selected accordingly.