Date: Feb. 23, 2019

The first Eurolab4HPC Business prototyping Projects kicking off: "USER"!

In this news series, we will focus on the different projects from the Business Prototyping Project 2018 call aimed to help research groups in HPC who have a research idea at a reasonable technology readiness level and who want to evaluate its commercial potential. In this article we're presenting: USER, Urgent Simulation of Earthquakes for Resilience.

Urgent Simulation of Earthquakes for Resilience (USER) received one of the first Eurolab4HPC funds for business prototyping projects.

Responsive image The Barcelona Supercomputer Center is working on project USER with the help from the ChEESE Center of Excellence. The aim is to use supercomputers for civil protection purposes. These computers will execute advanced simulations to generate high-resolution "shake maps" after an earthquake. The "shake maps" contain detailed information of the most affected zones and thus can have an impact toward remediation logistics. The challenge is to generate such maps shortly after the earthquake. Only the most powerful supercomputers can do this incredible task.

"Eurolab4HPC is proving to be an invaluable instrument to push academic development into business prototypes. It is a very helpful first step towards testing out our technology in the real world. In our case, we are making sure that we can match our value proposition with potential customers' needs" USER, Josep de la Puente (BSC)