Date: March 27, 2019

Eurolab4HPC presentation at Smart funding for digitization of Europe's industry

The Smart funding for digitization of Europe's industry session at the DATE´19 conference gave an important glimpse into initiatives to fuel uptake of new technologies in industry.

The TETRAMAX project organized a workshop on 'Smart funding for digitization of Europe’s Industry' at the DATE 2019 conference. A few of TETRAMAX' technology transfer experiments such as EverMore, Carrots and TetraWin presented the results of their technology experiment to a full exhibition room.

Afterwards other projects that support technology transfer initiatives were highlighted here such as: TETRAMAX, Eurolab4HPC and Open Innovation.

Per Stenstrom, the Coordinator of Eurolab4HPC, talked about how this project, with its innovation pipeline supports all the stages from bringing a research idea all the way to the market.