Long-term research roadmap

To join HPC system research groups around a long-term HPC research agenda, EuroLab-4-HPC initiated a roadmap process to identify the major research challenges in HPC systems for the next ten years.

HPC curriculum

EuroLab-4-HPC developed an HPC systems curriculum and training practices based on MOOC technologies to train future technology leaders, starting with a first pilot on business prototyping.

EuroLab-4-HPC is a two-year Horizon 2020 funded project with the bold commitment to build the foundation for a European Research Center of Excellence in High-Performance Computing (HPC) Systems.

High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems are of vital importance to the progress of science and technology. Europe has made significant progress in becoming a leader in HPC through industrial and application providers. In addition ETP4HPC is driving a European HPC vision towards exascale systems. Despite such gains excellence in HPC systems research is fragmented across Europe. EuroLab-4-HPC has the bold overall goal to join forces among excellent research institutions in HPC system across the system stack towards a long-term research agenda that drives innovation and education in HPC systems.

The main objectives of EuroLab-4-HPC are:

  • to join HPC system research groups around a long-term HPC research agenda by forming an HPC research roadmap and joining forces behind it
  • to define an HPC curriculum in HPC technologies and best-practice education/training methods to foster future European technology leaders
  • to accelerate commercial uptake of new HPC technologies
  • to build an HPC ecosystem with researchers and other stakeholders, e.g., HPC system providers and venture capital
  • to form a business model and organization for the EuroLab-4-HPC excellence centre in HPC systems.

EuroLab-4-HPC is coordinated by Chalmers University of Technology and involves thirteen prominent research organizations across nine countries with some of the best research teams in HPC in Europe. For more information about key activities to meet its objective, see Activities. For more information about the partners, see Partners.

Latest news

Eurolab-4-HPC will be part of ACACES 2018

April 2, 2018

The EuroLab2 Project is organising an HPC track in the ACACES 2018 Summer School from 8 to 14 July 2018 in Fiuggi.

Executive summary of the Vision is now online

Dec. 1, 2017

Radical changes in computing are foreseen for the next decade.

The HPC Curriculum is now online

Oct. 20, 2017

EuroLab-4-HPC has developed and validated an HPC curriculum to address the educational needs of future HPC system technology stake holders that complements existing curricula provided by professional organizations such as the ACM, BCS and IEEE.