Start: April 28, 2017

Workshop Towards the Eurolab4HPC Long-term Roadmap on High- performance Computing in Years 2022-2030

[HiPEAC CSW Zagreb] There is an ever growing need for increased performance in IoT, embedded computing, but also for mid-level and high-performance computing. Because of the foreseeable end of CMOS scaling, new technologies are under development, as e.g. die stacking and 3D chip technologies, Non-volatile Memory (NVM) technologies, Photonics, Resistive or Memristive Computing, Neuromorphic Computing, Quantum Computing, Nanotubes, Graphene, and Diamond Transistors. The technologies will strongly impact the hardware and software of future HPC systems, in particular the processor logic itself, the (deeper) memory hierarchy, and new heterogeneous accelerators. As disruptive technologies offer many chances they entail also major changes from applications and software systems through to new hardware architectures. The session started with an overview talk given by Theo Ungerer and Paul Carpenter about the on-going roadmapping efforts within Eurolab4HPC and was followed by an engaging audience discussion.
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