Start: June 11, 2019
End: June 14, 2019

Week of Open Source HardWare

The Week of Open Source Hardware (WOSH) will take place in Zurich, Switzerland, from June 11 to June 14, 2019. During the first two days the RISC-V workshop takes places and focuses on the free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture. The FOSSi Foundation and the Pulp team, with the support of H2020 projects Eurolab4HPC and OPRECOMP are organizing a FREE complementary program that covers topics around free and open source silicon, its licensing and open source EDA tools. While those events are organizationally decoupled from the RISC-V workshop, it gives free and open source silicon enthusiasts the chance to gather and discuss throughout an entire week.

WOSH combines several activities from different groups.

  • Official RISC-V Workshop (June 11-12)
  • Eurolab4HPC Open Source Innovation Workshop
  • Free and Open Source Silicon (FOSSI) Workshop
  • Hands on trainings, tutorials, hackathons.

WOSH will take place in the center Campus of ETH Zurich, at the buildings of The Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering in Gloriastrasse 35. The program and registrations are avaible on

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