Start: March 7, 2019
End: March 8, 2019

HPC Technology Transfer Training Course

Eurolab4HPC organises a training course on "How can we go from academic research, to business ideas, and eventually sustainable business models?" on March 7 - 8, 2019, HLRS, Stuttgart, Germany

Entrepreneurship is “always a voyage of exploration into the unknown, an attempt to discover new ways of doing things better than they have been done before” (Hayek, 1948: 101).

This two-day course is intended to equip academic researchers with a basic understanding of the entrepreneurial process, the generation of business models, and the respective managerial challenges. It analyzes the environments of academic entrepreneurship from types of opportunities, to how decisions are made depending on the opportunities pursued. We will focus on the unique challenges involved in founding and managing academic entrepreneurial ventures. Moreover, we address the analytical and administrative domains of technology transfer, business model generation, and managerial behaviour. The two-day course comprises theoretical insights into the entrepreneurial issues at hand and combines these with practical applications concerning the presentation of technologies and business ideas.

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