Start: June 13, 2019

Call for participation: Workshop on “Challenges and opportunities for using Open Source Hardware in the academia and in the industry”.

Eurolab4HPC organizes a workshop on “Challenges and opportunities for using Open Source Hardware in the academia and in the industry”. In this workshop organized by Eurolab4HPC we plan to discuss technical and business opportunities and how to ease the technology transfer from research to product with input from both industry and academia. June 13th 1PM – 6PM.

This event is part of the Week of Open Source Hardware

RISC-V has been getting a lot of attention recently and has been a great driving force behind the recent resurgence of open source hardware. Companies love the idea to have a royalty-free processor and academia likes it since it serves as an excellent vehicle for teaching, student projects and research. However, RISC-V only defines the ISA, and more is needed to use it successfully in a system. Particularly there are questions about:

  1. Availability of interconnect solutions and peripherals for RISC-V cores.

  2. Compatibility between different implementations.

  3. Design environment to develop applications on RISC-V systems.

  4. How to make a business case around open source hardware.

Eurolab4HPC-2 consortium aims to advocate and help using open source hardware and software for education, innovation and in industry. For that purpose, this workshop put together people from the academia, industry and the business world in order to present and discuss the prose and cons of using open source hardware and how we can help its success.

A tentative schedule:

  • Prof. Avi Mendelson Technion – “opening remarks”

  • Rick O'Connor: “RISC-V adoption in open-source implementations – a personal perspective of the former founding executive director of the RISC-V Foundation”

  • Break

  • The Academia perspective (including start-ups activities driven by Academia)

o Barcelona Supercomputer Center, Spain

o ETH – Zurich, Switzerland

o Per Stenstrom, Chalmers University, Sweden

o NTU – Nanyang Technical University, Singapore

o The SHAKTI processor program, IIT-Madras, India

  • Break
  • The Industry and Business perspective o Zvonimir Bandic, Western Digital Corporation

o SecureIC

o Codasip

o Dom Rizzo, Google

  • Panel discussion – moderator, Prof. Avi Mendelson

We will conclude the event with a round table to discuss some of the open issues, the event will conclude with a dinner jointly organized by Eurolab4HPC and the FOSSi Foundation.

To allow us prepare for the catering, we kindly ask you to register (for free) under:

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