Date: July 16, 2018

Succesful Eurolab4HPC track at ACACES summerschool

The first Eurolab4HPC School was organized from 8 until 14 July 2018 in Fiuggi, Italy. The Summer School was co-located with the ACACES summer school organised by the HiPEAC project.

Eurolab4HPC organized this course track to improve the technical leadership of the members of the EUROLAB community.

This year the Eurolab4HPC School consisted of 3 courses:

*Memory Systems and Memory-Centric Computing Systems: Challenges and Opportunities by Onur Mutlu

*Distributed memory programming and algorithms by Johannes Langguth

*GPU Architectures: From Basic to Advanced Concepts by Adwait Jog

A total number of 48 participants attended all three courses organised by the Eurolab4HPC project.

Fifteen of them received a Eurolab4HPC participation grant covering the registration fee.