Date: Oct. 17, 2018

New Master programme in High-Performance Computer Systems starting at Chalmers in Fall 2019

Today and in future, high-performance computers will be ubiquitous in autonomous vehicles using machine learning, in data centers fueling telecom, and in IoT infrastructures to analyze huge volumes of data. The challenge is to design software and hardware for them to meet demanding power and energy constraints. Being able to develop and exploit such systems and bring them to the market will be the key for the success of future use of computing.

The 2 year Master’s Programme in High-Performance Computer Systems:

  • aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how a complete computer system consisting of multiple layers of software and hardware interact to provide ultimate functionality, performance and energy efficiency characteristics;

  • offers a deep understanding of different topics in the areas of computer architecture, computer graphics and real-time systems, which are required to master the design of future computer systems that achieve exceptional computational performance (using general purpose and accelerator processing elements) and energy efficiency for demanding emerging applications;

  • offers the possibility to dive deep into innovation and entrepreneurship, with special emphasis on how technical ideas can be transformed into businesses either as a startup or as part of existing organizations.

Interested? Check out the full curriculum and apply here.

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