Date: June 20, 2019

Winners of the Open Source competition

During the The Week of Open Source Hardware (WOSH) the winners of the Open Source competition were announced. Congratulations to the Nyuzi project, OptimSoc and FuseSoC ! The open source hardware competition is an excellent example of promoting creativity. Three out of five projects received direct support from Eurolab4HPC for excellence in design.

Responsive image There was a small ceremony as part of the Week of Open Source, taking place June 11-14 in Zurich, Switzerland on 13th of June, as part of the workshop "Challenges and opportunities for using Open Source Hardware (WOSH) in the academia and in the industry" organized by Eurolab4HPC.

We were happy to award three great projects, and since there is a very small difference between the first and second winner we awarded "OptimSoC and Nyuzi both first place and award FuseSoC as runner-up.


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