Date: Aug. 1, 2019

The Eurolab4HPC second summerschool on HPC innovations

For the second and last time the EUROLAB4HPC summerschool was organized during the ACACES summerschool in Fiuggi. A unique opportunity for 47 young researchers to learn from and get inspired by renown experts in HPC.

The summerschool got to a great start with a keynote lecture by Mauro Oliveiri of the Sapienza University of Rome or BSC on "The strategic touch between supercomputers and embedded systems in the roadmap towards exascale: the European Processor Initiative".  

The Eurolab4HPC summerschool focused on HPC innovation, offering courses on

  • Distributed memory program​ming and algorithms by Scott Baden

Eurolab4HPC offered a grant to 15 young researchers to attend the TETRAMAX summerschool, but the classes were attended by more students interested in these topics.

The classes were well received and the interaction with the students made it truly inspiring for all.