Date: Oct. 11, 2019

Last idea-to-business training

A 2-day idea-to-business training in Gothenburg on 7-8 October 2019, helped researchers in HPC take a step towards starting a business.

13 participants were trained by Henrik Berglund from Chalmers University ( in creating an innovative technology/business idea using:

  • the Business Model Canvas, which is a comprehensive framework for describing the assumptions underpinning a business, e.g. Who is the customer, What problems are we solving for them, What is our offering (product/service/IP), How do we reach the customers with our offering, What should we charge for it etc.

  • the Customer Development Process, which is a process for testing, adjusting and hopefully validating the assumptions on which the new business is based.

Some of the participants were trained with the aim of completing a successful proposal for the Business Prototyping project Open Call, offering them the opportunity of training and in case of successful application, pitch their business idea to several VC's during the HiPEAC2020 conference in Bologna in 2020.