Members Charter

See our Membership benefits arrow_forwardEurolab4HPC’s bold overall goal is to build connected and sustainable leadership in high-performance computing systems by bringing together the leading performance-oriented communities in Europe, working across all layers of the system stack, fueling new industries in HPC.

To achieve this goal, the Eurolab4HPC project will develop a research community that engages in focused high-quality activities. This community consists of around 30 member institutions. Eurolab4HPC members are European institutions that have a proven track record in HPC research and that agree to be actively involved in the project.

Members are expected to accept the Eurolab4HPC Members Charter which states that:

  • Members will appoint at least 3 representatives at senior researcher level. The representatives are expected to become actively involved in the Eurolab4HPC project.
  • Eurolab4HPC will create a public Eurolab4HPC profile for its members and their representatives and they will join the mailing list.
  • Members will commit to participate in at least three activities per year through their representatives. They will be invited to attend workshops, to send researchers to the Eurolab4HPC school, to participate in short term collaborations and contribute to the update of the vision document.
  • Members will commit to actively engage in collaborations and joint research projects with the other institutions belonging to the Eurolab4HPC community and work towards a joint European vision.
  • Members will commit to appoint a representative who will help with the evaluation of applications for Technology Transfer Projects, Business Prototyping Projects and Short Term Collaboration Grant Applications

As a compensation for the commitment, Eurolab4HPC will reimburse travel expenses for member institutions if necessary (flight tickets in economy, local transportation and hotel costs up to EUR 150 per night).